Auto ELISA Processor

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Auto ELISA Processor


1. 1 robotic arm, 1 pipetting probe(10~1000μl). 
2. 2 unit 96 well microplates(independent incubating). 
3. 1 unit reader& washer (auto reading and washing).
4. Software Module
    User-friendly Windows system; LIS system available.
5. Sample Module
    Hitech teflon coating probe to prevent cross contamination.
6. Sample& Reagent& Dilution Rack Module
    Original sample tubes available;Rack positions programmable.
7. Microplate washer& Reader Module
    Modularized automatic control reading and washing system.
Technical Parameters

Model OLABO1000
Sample Unit Sample Racks 80 sample positions (tubes 13mm)
Pipetting 10~1000μl
Dispensing System 1 aspirating and dispensing probe (X-Y-Z movement)
Reagent Unit Reagent Position 8 +1 reagent racks, editable
Pipetting Range 10~1000μl, 1μl stepping
Pipetting Precision (100μl) CV≤0.5%
Washing Unit Dispensing Time 5 minutes to whole 96 well microplates
Washing Probes Two line 8-nozzle manifolds
Wash Containers 2 wash buffers 2L, 1 distilled water, 1 waste water
Washing Residual < 2μl
Reading Unit Reading Channels 8 independent photometric channels, momo and dichromatic reading
Absorbance 0.0~3.0 OD
Spectral Range 400~700mm
Optical Filters 2 standard filters (450, 630mm); 2 more on request (405nm/450nm/492nm/630nm)
Incubation Unit Incubators 2 independent units
Temperature Range RT to 45
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5
Data Management Software System Windows 7
LIS System Bi-direction, support HL7 protocol
Results Absorbance and results reviewable by software
Printer External optional
Working Conditions Power Supply AC220V±10% 50/60Hz; 110V±10% 60 Hz, 400W
Temperature 10~30
Humidity 30~80%
Size & Weight External Size(W*D*H) 879*660*764mm
Net Weigth 112kg
Package Size(W*D*H) 1020*810*1240mm
Gross Weight 160kg