Mini-12 Centrifuge

  • Model: Mini-12
  • Brand: OLABO
  • Country of Origin: China
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Mini-12K Centrifuge


Palmtop centrifuge is a micro centrifuge specially designed for micro filtration, cell separation and fast collection of wall liquid. Its motor-driven rotor provides effective centrifugal force for collecting liquid substances in specific containers. The equipped rotor can be applied to 0.5ml centrifuge tube, 1.5ml centrifuge tube and 0.2ml PCR tube.


1.The advanced and reliable PI high-frequency full range power supply control scheme is adopted to meet the power supply of power grid all over the world. The voltage, current, speed and effective centrifugal time can be controlled more accurately through 16 bit MCU operation PWM speed regulation, so as to ensure that the motor's service life and electromagnetic noise can be extended under harsh environment;
2.Reliable and durable DC permanent magnet motor, speed range of 500 ~ 12000 rpm, accuracy ± 5%;
3.The effective centrifugal time range is 1-99 minutes or 1-59 seconds;
4.Faster acceleration / deceleration rate, which is needed to complete the experiment in a shorter time;
5.The new type of rotor clip installation design can easily replace the rotor without any tools, which makes the replacement of the rotor more convenient and fast;
6.The novel composite tube swivel head and more compatible test tube swivel head meet the basic requirements of the experiment;
7.The high strength material of main machine and rotating head can resist all kinds of chemical corrosion, and the rotary head has the function of high temperature sterilization;
8.RSS material shock absorption, more stable operation, rotating space for 360 ° arc, no angle, small wind resistance, small temperature rise
9.Ultra quiet, the whole machine noise ≤ 47Db;
10.The door cover protection, overspeed and unbalance detection system can monitor the centrifugal process in real time to ensure the safe operation of the instrument. When the operation is over, there is an error and there is an imbalance, the sound signal will prompt,
11.At the same time, the LCD displays the result code;

Technical Parameters

Model Mini-12
Max.Speed (r/min) 12000
Max.Capacity 4×12pcr0.2ml/12×1.5/2ml
Rotor 1.5mL/2mL 5mL 
Timer range 1-99min/1-99s
Input power (W) 45
Speed Accuracy ±5%
Max. acceleration time (s) ≤12
Max. deceleration time (s) ≤16
Noise ≤47dBA
Net weight (without rotor)(kg) 1.8
Display LCD
Power supply AC110-240V/50/60HZ
Overall size 194*229*120mm