TEK-5000P Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer

  • Model: TEK-5000P
  • Brand: OLABO
  • Country of Origin: China
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  • MOQ: 1
  • Delivery time: usually within 7-15 days
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TEK-5000P Fully Auto Hematology Analyzer

1. Touch Screen display
2. 3-part differentiation of WBC
3. 21 parameters + 3 histograms
4. Throughput: 60 samples per hour

Technical Parameters

Model TEK-5000P
Throughput 60 tests/hour
Measuring Principle Coulter principle Colorimetry hemoglobin determination
WBC, LY#, MID#, GR#, LY%, MID%, GR%, RBC, HGB,
Parameters HCT,MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD,
Histograms 3 Histograms (including WBC, RBC, PLT)
Sampler Volume Predilute 20μl Whole blood 10μl
Display 8” color touch screen display
Intelligent reagent management function Reagent information and residual display
Carryover WBC≤1.5% RBC, HGB<1.0% , PLT≤2%
Printer External printer
Input and output 1 RS232 , keyboard , Mouse, 4USB, LAN
Parameter Linearity range Precision (CV%)
WBC(109/L) 0.0-100.0 2.0 (4.0-10.0)
Performance RBC(1012/L) 0.00-9.99 1.5 (3.50-5.50)
HGB(g/L) 0-300 1.0 (110-160)
PLT(109/L) 0-1000 5.0 (100-300)
Option Barcode scanner, LIS
Operating Environment Temperature 10-35 oC Humidity≤90%
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%, 60/50 Hz
Package Size(mm) 630*600*700
Gross Weight(kg) 25
Reagent Package Size(mm) 390*280*260
Reagent Gross Weight(kg) 13