Automatic Disinfection Robot Sterilizer

  • Model: BKS-Y-800
  • Brand: OLABO
  • Country of Origin: China
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  • Delivery time: usually within 7-15 days
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Automatic Disinfection Robot Sterilizer


-Support the use of disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and peracetic acid.
-The large-capacity 16L disinfectant tank can continuously disinfect for more than 5 ~ 6 hours, and the disinfection coverage is up to 4000 ~ 5000 m2.
-Support APP control, no-touch automated disinfection greatly improve the safety of use in the disinfection process.
-Two disinfection modes: timed disinfection and immediate disinfection.
-With autonomous navigation function, lidar obstacle avoidance, can fully cover the required area.
-Support automatic return to charge, human assistance isn’t required
-When the disinfectant is below the warning position, it will return to the waiting area and turn off the spray device automatically.

Technical Parameters

Model BKS-Y-800
External Size(mm) φ500*1335
Atomization Efficiency 2L~3L/H(adjustable)
Disinfectant Capacity 16L
Spray Diameter 5-6m
Disinfection Medium Hypochlorous acid, Chlorine dioxide, Hydrogen peroxide, Peroxyacetic acid, etc.
Spray Method Four-direction spray, large opening spray(optional)
Moving Way Autonomous path planning and automatic navigation
Moving Speed 0~0.6m/s
Power Supply AC220±10%V 50Hz
Consumption 150W
Drive Method Differential drive
Ability to Cross Obstacles ±10mm
Gradeability ≤8°
Driving Channel Width ≥700mm
Noise ≤50dB
Operating Time 5~6h
Battery Lithium battery 28AH 24V,rechargable 10000times
Charging Time 3~4h
Safety System Lidar obstacle avoidance, power-off protection of disinfectant shortage
Package Size Main Body 415*415*633mm
Chassis 614*614*750mm
Gross Weight Main Body 8.2kg
Chassis 70.4kg