OLABO BJPX-H200Ⅱ Glass Window Constant-temperature Incubator

  • Model: BJPX-H200Ⅱ
  • Brand: OLABO
  • Country of Origin: China
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OLABO BJPX-H200Ⅱ Glass Window Constant-temperature Incubator


1. Precise structural design
● The clever integrated structure design avoids destroying the overall harmony of the stainless steel liner, which greatly improves the product quality.
● The design of the new air duct makes the temperature more uniform.
● The non-slip separator design prevents the sample from falling off when the separator is pulled.
2. Precise temperature control
● The inner cavity is wrapped with aluminum foil on all sides, and the high-quality insulation cotton fills the gap between the inner tank and the partition, which heats up quickly, has a good insulation effect, and makes the temperature more uniform.
● The temperature sensor adopts special temperature acquisition technology with ultra-fast response and strong anti-interference ability, ensuring that the product has extremely high reliability and excellent long-term stability.
3. Sterility
● Optional ultraviolet sterilization, the lamp is located on the top of the box, the inside of the box can be disinfected regularly, so as to more effectively kill the circulating air in the box and the floating bacteria in the humidifying pan water vapor, and prevent the pollution during cell culture.
● The inner tank is made of high-quality brushed stainless steel, with a semicircular four-corner design, which reduces unnecessary inner surface area, thereby reducing the possibility of bacteria hiding, and cleaning and sterilizing more quickly and effectively.
4. Security protection
● Protection of personnel-equipped with leakage current and overvoltage protectors.
● Protection of samples-with over-temperature alarm, the temperature in the box exceeds the set temperature by 1℃, the alarm will be activated.
● Protection of the instrument-add a temperature control switch, when the temperature is too high, the switch will be disconnected to prevent damage to the instrument caused by the high temperature.

Technical Parameters




Touch screen with perspective window

Nominal volume (L)


Rated power (W)


Temperature control method


Temperature control range


Temperature fluctuation (℃)

±1 (@37)

Temperature uniformity (℃)

±2 (@37)

Environment temperature (℃)

5-30, recommended 25±2

Studio size (mm)


Dimensions (mm)



Standard configuration 2 pieces, quantity can be increased




3.5 inch touch screen


Optional UV