Low Speed Centrifuge

  • Model: TD-4M/5M/6M DD-6R/6R-I
  • Brand: OLABO
  • Country of Origin: China
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Low Speed Centrifuge


The strong centrifugal force produced by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge rotor can separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid, or separate two kinds of liquid with different density and mutual immiscible in the emulsion, and can also be used to remove the liquid in the wet solid, which is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal, water treatment, etc.


1. All steel structure multi-layer explosion-proof design, safe and ultra stable operation performance.
2. Self test, alarm protection function, light close the door cover, you can close the cavity door, overspeed, imbalance protection, safe, reliable, convenient and fast.
3. The microcomputer processor is used for precise control, digital display of speed, time and other parameters, key programming, switching display of operating parameters and RCF value.
4. Using high torque brushless DC motor, easy to operate, maintenance free, dust-free, fast speed up and down.
5. It is equipped with a variety of rotary heads, and can design various adapters according to the test requirements.
6. The centrifugal effect is ideal.

Technical Parameters

Model TD-4M TD-5M TD-6M DD-6R DD-6R-I
Max. Speed 4000rpm 5000rpm 5000rpm 5000rpm 6000rpm
Max. RCF 2390xg 4730xg 4730xg 4730xg 6600xg
Max. Capacity 6*50ml 4*300ml 4*800ml 4*800ml 4*1000ml
Speed Precision ±10rpm ±20rpm ±20rpm ±20rpm ±20rpm
Timing Range 0~99min 0~99min 0~99min 0~99min 0~9h/59min
Noise 45dB 58dB 58dB 58dB 55dB
Power Supply AC110/220V, 50/60Hz AC110/220V, 50/60Hz AC110/220V, 50/60Hz AC110/220V, 50/60Hz AC110/220V, 50/60Hz
External Size(W*D*H)mm 485*320*255 620*450*355 685*500*385 700*500*810 800*645*830
Net Weight(kg) 23 52 67 108 170