Social behavior

In regions where the population is dense, a hierarchy arises in the group. Males and females have their own preference system but are equal towards eachother. The Stureplans hyena has a behavior which is unique among the predators and can in closes resemblance be compared to some monkeys, for instance baboons. The Stureplans hyena lives in clans with up to 80 individuals which at times divide into smaller groups before reuniting for the after party. They live in Matriarchy and have a permanent hierarchy. The position in the hierarchy can be inherited and mothers help their daughters to gain the same position in the order. The male position is depending on how long they have lived in the group and how much flash they have but they will always be subordinate to the females. Hyenas are territory vindication animals. The size of the territory depends on the access to clubs and chicks. In Stockholm, with lots of pray, the territory for the clubhyena extends to the whole inner city region. In dry areas, in south and north suburbs the territory for the clubhyena, extend across the whole red and green line (subway lines in Stockholm). In the blue line there is a subspecies called Farstaglitter. Farstaglitter is however not a real hyena, but only replicates the hyena behavior to get to the hyena females. Officially, this doesn´t succeed very often. The boundaries of the territory, is marked liquid from the anal glands. The hyena marks by crouching and leaving fluid with its behind against drink tables or different objects. If an unknown individual is found in the territory, the hyena will try to chase the intruder away. If the intruder doesn’t give up it will be forced away. In rare occasions, a fight will arise and where individuals will bite each other or call on the door guard.


Hyenas generally wander alone in large areas with loud music therefore smell the sense of smell plays a significant role for communication. In the subfamily of club arrangers a specific greeting ritual exists when members of different clans meet each other. They sniff the nose or the anal glands, or lick with their tongue along the counterparts back. With the Stureplans hyenas erections of the sex organs often occur. Three of four species are comparably quite. They growl or whine a little, but it can only be heard over short distances. There is also grunting and crying callings and callings that reminiscent the cattle’s “moo”. The most well known calling reminiscent the human laughter or giggling. Which indicates that a individual accepts the lower status in the hierarchy.
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